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Poster: garthus Date: Sep 7, 2009 8:35pm
Forum: opensource Subject: The Corporate Copyright and Intellectual Property Prostitution:

The Corporate Copyright and Intellectual Property Prostitution:

Yes it is a good idea to post this news when we find it; by caving in I meant they (Google) are giving up some of their booty with the hope that us suckers will pay for it in the future. Well I say a movement should begin which would boycott all of this corporate copyright crap and just concentrate on what we have in the Public Domain. Most of the new stuff is of inferior quality anyway, and I am sure that many of us can spend a lifetime tracking down important documents which are already in the Public Domain and posting them to the Archive.

People who create Art for profit are little more than lower class prostitutes. In fact I give 'real' prostitutes much more respect than the corporate hacks and their lackey so-called artistic creators. At least a 'real' prostitute is providing an honest service without all of the moralistic rantings about intellectual property and such things. The Corporate professionalism of Art is very analogous to the Corporate Professionalism of Education; both with their thoroughly corrupting results. Leading both to crappy art and sub-standard education.

It does not surprise me that the generally well fattened and sub-optimally intelligent humans which increasingly Inhabit Western Societies fall for crap of this sort. What is alarming is that the so-called mavens of Academia fall into place and parrot the party line when it comes to supporting Corporate Copyright Greed. Ditto for our so-called professional librarian class who only seem to squirm when there is talk of some local school district removing some peda-felic text from the school library. Then we hear all sorts of calls objecting to this so-called banning of books; when it is these very same professional librarians whom are rushing to fill the worlds dumpsters with any form of book which they deem to be useless.
The Irony is pathetic if not so loathsome. Such filling of dumpsters with the world's knowledge would have made the loyal Nazi proud during his day. Just like the wholesale slaughtering of civilians by Amerikan troops, people whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Google's tactics are no different and our Professional Librarians actions concerning the destruction of our heritage is also the same. People who apparently only have passion (pathetically speaking) for one thing; THEIR PAY-CHECK.

They all must be exposed for the morally and intellectually corrupt individuals which they are. Hopefully on day a new breed of intellectual will spring forth, individuals who actually value intellect and have a real passion for knowledge; people who refuse to accept the Corporate party line that the main purpose of art is to return 'billions' in profits.